Broadband Optical Networks, Security and Advanced Internet
Broadband Optical Networks, Security and Advanced Internet


Current projects

Metro-Haul – EU H2020 IP

The aim of METRO-HAUL (METRO High bandwidth, 5G Application-aware optical network, with edge storage, compUte and low Latency) is to design and build a smart optical metro infrastructure able to support traffic originating from heterogeneous 5G access networks, addressing the anticipated capacity increase and its specific characteristics, e.g., mobility, low latency, low jitter etc. This infrastructure will also support a wide variety of services and use cases with special emphasis on services from various industries vertical to the ICT.

This will be achieved by architecting new access-facing and core-facing nodes, complete with storage and compute facilities, interconnected by novel, spectrally efficient, and adaptive optical transmission networks. Advanced concepts, such as hardware disaggregation and virtualisation, will assist in hitting challenging cost targets whilst enabling automation and programmability – all supported by a purpose-designed SDN-based control plane which will interface with client applications, intelligently catering for the wide range of 5G KPIs.

RECODIS – EU Cost Action

Disaster-based failures can seriously disrupt a communication network, making its services unavailable. Such disruptions may follow from natural disasters, technology-related failures, or malicious attacks, and they are observably increasing in number, intensity and scale. The problem needs to be urgently addressed due to the lack of suitable mechanisms deployed in current networks. When network services that are part of a critical infrastructure become unavailable, commercial and/or societal problems are the inevitable result. This COST Action, driven by researchers from academia and industry in strong cooperation with governmental bodies, aims to fill the gap by developing appropriate solutions to provide resilient communications in the presence of disaster-based disruptions of all types for existing and future communication network architectures.

Past projects

Mobile Cloud – EU FP7 Mirie Curie IRSES

COMBO (COnvergence of fixed and Mobile BrOadband access/aggregation networks) – EU FP7 IP

TREND (Towards Real Energy-efficient Network Design) – EU FP7 NoE

BONE (Building the Future Optical Network in Europe) – EU FP7 IP

SOFNETS (Software Defined Networks and Services)

STRONGEST (Scalable, Tunable and Resilient Optical Networks Guaranteeing Extremely-high Speed Transport) – EU FP7 CP

BESOS (Bandwidth efficiency and Energy Saving by sub-lambda Optical Switching) – Italian PRIN

MIMOSA (MIsure sperimentali e MOdelli di traffico dati multiServizio A pacchetto) – Italian PRIN

RECIPE (Robust and Efficient Traffic Classification in IP Networks) – Italian PRIN